Interactive Street Art Asks People to Kickflip

Even if you're not a skateboarder you've probably heard of the term kickflip, one of the hardest but most basic skateboarding tricks where the rider flicks the board with a foot to make it spin 360 degrees underneath him or her before catching it in the air and landing on it. Invented in the early 1980s by professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen, the trick is one of the most impressive and often takes tons of practice to master.

Enter street artist 2new4streetview who, just recently, began wheatpasting a graphic of an upside down skateboard on the front of store windows, in bus stops and on random walls in Amsterdam, London or Los Angeles. The goal? To get those that pass by to try their hand at an imaginary kickflip. Just jump in the air and have your friend take a fun and memorable photo. As you can see below, the more you get into it, the better the photo.

2new4streetview's Tumblr and Instagram
via [The Wall Breakers]

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