Firework’s Misfire Leads to Dazzling New Year’s Photo

After seeing this stunning photo on Flickr’s blog, I knew we had to get the story behind it. Photographer Kimmo Kuloveski took this incredible photo on New Year’s Eve, simply calling it Explosive New Year 2014. There was no explanation, just a dazzling photo of fireworks flying everywhere.

“The firework shot was taken just after midnight in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, Finland,” Kuloveski tells us. “The scene is actually very close to where I live, since I only popped out for half an hour around midnight on New Year’s due to bad weather, as one Flickr commenter pointed out, you can even see how windy it is by looking at the light trails in the photo.

“I deliberately omitted details about the situation from the photo’s description to let people try and figure out what’s going on. So, spoiler alert: What you see is basically a firework’s misfire where it blew up on the ground instead of taking off into the sky. (No one was injured, and it might even have been a deliberate prank by the young men firing it – it happened twice during the 15 minutes I was there.)

“The exposure time for the photo is 2 seconds, which I had pre-set on my camera for regular photos of fireworks. Many viewers have speculated that the exposure would be a much longer one of many separate explosions, but that’s just the fractal-like nature of fireworks and explosions – against a featureless background you can’t really tell the size and scale of what you’re seeing. So almost all those different lights are just parts of the same firework, and the result is a combination of luck and timing.”

Kimmo Kuloveski’s Flickr

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