Vertigo-Inducing Photos of a Daredevil Hanging Off Ledges

Moscow-based photographer and daring rooftopper Kirill Oreshkin (aka kirill_opex) documents each of his adventurous and extremely dangerous feats as he manages to climb to the top of his city's towering structures and dangle off the edge, hundreds of meters in the air. Like so many other young rooftoppers (including his friend Mustang Wanted), there is no safety net or harness for the Russian thrill-seeker, only his camera and a rush of adrenaline.

With a fire in his belly, Oreshkin's penchant for urban scaling has led him to perilous heights and yet the young daredevil appears stoic in each shot–even while he is gripping onto a ledge with one hand! Rather than showing any hint of fear or remorse, the young man performs his life-threatening stunts with an unaffected and unbothered expression. One has to wonder what the ultimate incentive is for Oreshkin, other than capturing unique selfies and living to share the vertigo-inducing images.

Kirill Oreshkin on VK
Kirill Oreshkin on 500px
via [Lost at E Minor]

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