Racial Comments Heard by Teenagers on a Daily Basis

Racial Microaggressions is a photo project by Fordham University student Kiyun Kim that addresses the racial comments that she and her peers succumb to on a daily basis. They may not be attacks from organized groups, shunning them for their cultural, ethnic, or religious backgrounds, but the words are tiny jabs that these youths are regularly subjected to because of stereotypical comparisons of behavior and physical attributes associated with their race.

The 19-year-old photographer’s series presents her fellow classmates holding up signs that either reflect their own thoughts on the subject of being discriminated against for their race or they display cringe-worthy, ignorant quotes that have been said to them. The signs with quotes are especially poignant, making one realize they’ve heard these exact words or something similar being said before, often without realizing the offensive power they inflict on others.

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December 4, 2016

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