Adorable AT-AT Walker Crochet Pattern Lets You Craft Your Own Star Wars Toy

Krawka At-At crochet pattern star wars

Renowned in the Star Wars universe for their intimidating stature and combat capabilities, All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walkers aren't typically considered “cute.” With a homemade AT-AT crochet pattern and a bit of imagination, however, Etsy Seller Krawka has proven how adorable the four-legged vehicles can actually be.

While Krawk sells countless crochet patterns in her shop, her AT-AT design is particularly precious. With stubby little legs, big, bright eyes, and a rounded belly, Krawk's delightful design puts the transport vehicles in a new—and far less mechanical—light. Given the finished product's large size (10.2 inches tall by 11 inches long), Krawka has designed this galactic project with medium-advanced crocheters in mind. While its stature may be intimidating, keep in mind that it's only a small fraction of an actual AT-AT's towering height of 20 meters!

Krawka's AT-AT pattern is easy to follow, walking its Padawans through the cute and cuddly plush's multi-piece construction. You can see a sample on Krawka's blog, or go the whole nine yards and buy the complete guide on Etsy.

May the force be with you!

Krawka At-At crochet pattern star wars Krawka At-At crochet pattern star wars Krawka At-At crochet pattern star wars

Krawka: Etsy | Facebook | BlogRavelry  
h/t: [Nerd Approved]

All images via Krawka.

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