My Modern Shop Spotlight #3 – Down by Kylie Woon

If you're wondering where you can get your hands on some of the amazing contemporary art and photography featured here on My Modern Met, look no further than My Modern Shop! Our growing collection of affordable prints and canvases are by some of the best artists and photographers out there today. In our ongoing series of spotlights for the shop, to help re-introduce some of the spectacular works available, we'd like to bring your attention over to Down by Kylie Woon.

The Singaporean digital artist and photographer has captured and manipulated a creative series of self-portraits. In this image, we're shown a frame by frame trail of the 21-year-old's surreal path from floating in midair to lying facedown. Like her portfolio of work, Woon's image is filled with raw emotion reflecting her own cognitive process. By incorporating her flying and flipping motif, the young artist expresses her self-generated loss of control due to obsessing over the little things.

This print is currently available through My Modern Shop.

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