Dad Uses Photoshop to Recreate Album Covers with His Sons

Lance Underwood has undoubtedly cemented his status as a “cool dad” thanks to his fantastic recreations of music album covers featuring his two sons, Taj and Amar. On the Tumblr QT Albums, Underwood posts album covers that he’s photoshopped his sons into, assembling a fun collection that shows off his creativity, sense of humor, and his sons’ willingness to play along.

With artists such as Bob Dylan, Dr. Dre, Johnny Cash, and Miles Davis, many of the albums that Underwood chooses are actually older than his sons, but that doesn’t stop him from inserting Taj and Amar into iconic images. Dressed in similar clothes and placed in familiar poses, the boys not only get to have fun with their father, but also get to accumulate a set of playful and unique childhood photos.

QT Albums on Tumblr
via [22 Words, Laughing Squid]

January 18, 2017

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