Last Train Home

From the same company that brought you Taqwacore comes this documentary. Based on the largest human migration, 130 million people return home from the factory cities in China to their villages for the Chinese New Year. The movie follows the Zhang family's return home after leaving their children with the grandmother to help send their daughter to school so she doesn't have to live as a migrant worker. Ironically, as a result of their absence, Qin quits school and takes up work as a migrant worker. This documentary shows the cost of China's economic upswing on migrant workers and their families. Beautifully shot and emotionally charged. Since hitting the documentary film circuit in mid-November, It has already won Best Canadian Film at Montreal's RIDM festival, Best Documentary at the Whistler Film Festival and Best Feature at IDFA International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam. Just recently it has been named to Sundance 20210 as official competition. Eyesteel Film

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