Sending Messages with Glowing Neon Letters

Artist Lee Jung sends all kinds of tangible messages with these neon text-based installations. The South Korea-based photographer creates the messages and then photographs them. In doing so, the artist makes a comment on modern day culture, and our tendencies to communicate via less intimate means like the Internet, text messaging, and Facebook.

The glowing letters are very publicly juxtaposed against a natural environment. Jung creates the messages of love or the simple questions, like "Why?," to spark wonder about the words. The viewer's perception comes in to play with each photograph, as we project visions of the sender, the recipient, and the kinds of love or heartache that are taking place behind the words. Each viewer is bound to have a unique interaction with the messages based on personal life experiences.

The bright lights against the dark, natural background creates a sense of meditation for viewers. Travel across the words, and then reflect on the meaning of the words as you ponder the calming landscape. If you are interested in this type of neon installation art, you can see more captivating messages here.

Lee Jung on Artnet
via [Slow Show]

January 23, 2017

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