Cyclists Build Skeleton Car Frames to Make a Clever Statement About Vehicle Size

For this year's European Week of Sustainable Mobility, Latvian cyclists that are part of the Let's Bike It community made a clever and creative statement about cars. The group hand-crafted bamboo constructions that were vehicle frames built to-scale, and they then proceeded to ride the streets of Riga to demonstrate the amount of space that cars take up on the road.

The colorful creations were tethered to form a skeleton car that's complete with a hood and trunk. Amazingly, the bikers teetered the shells on their shoulders as they traveled among the real cars on the busy roads. This visually-impactful display not only shows the size differences between a car and biker, but it reminds people just how many more bicycles than cars can fit on the road; perhaps it will inspire vehicle owners to ride their bikes for their next outing.

Let's Bike It website
via [designboom]

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