Meticulous Blueprint Chalk Typography

Liz Collini is a London-based typography artist who makes all kinds of texts through drawing and printmaking. Specifically, her collections of hand-lettered chalk texts are incredible! She meticulously built the type based on the style of mechanical blueprints. Each line, mark, and dash on a blueprint represents a purposeful meaning, and Collini has attached those meanings to this lettering, marking all kinds of spaces, widths, and breaks with exact measurements.

Collini says, “There are gaps and overlaps between reading and viewing, text and image, the hand and the machine. I try to create breathing spaces in which we can pause and look back at language.” Her main focus is often the presentation of simple, ambiguous words and phrases, and so she prefers to use Times New Roman and her own handwriting to avoid raising any unintended questions about typography. The final result of her labor-intensive process are these stunning typography drawings that are filled with so much detail, I could stare at them for hours!

Liz Collini’s website
via [Neatorama]

January 20, 2017

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January 19, 2017

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