Extraordinary Crushed Watercolor Portraits

Borja Martnez, of Lo Siento Studios in Spain, is always coming up with new and clever ideas. The Barcelona-based artist is no stranger to developing ideas with unique materials, and he uses anything from grass to slices of salami to make his work. A few months ago, Martnez wowed us with his creative blue liquid and bubble wrap typography. And, more recently, we came across these impressive Crushed Watercolor Portraits. In this collection, which features original vectors by Jovanny Lemonad, Martnez crushes pieces of watercolor pigments into organized, dusty piles.

In the expressive portraits, Martnez focuses on both the positive and negative spaces to construct the lights and shadows that give each piece incredible definition. He starts with a vector image printed on a sheet of paper and then selectively cuts out pieces of the face in order to create a template. At that point, the fun begins. Martnez crumbles a rainbow of watercolors onto the paper with his hands. Some pieces are allowed through while others land on the template and eventually get tossed aside (maybe saved for another interesting project?). One can only imagine the satisfaction of lifting the paper up, with messy hands, to reveal the clean, final portraits underneath.

Lo Siento website
via [Unknown Editors]

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