Spectacular Long Exposures of Streaking Fireworks

Gurbir Grewal is a 19-year-old full time student from Vancouver, BC and he is also the one behind these stunning long exposure photograph of fireworks streaking through the sky that were taken this past Halloween. “Fireworks were banned in my hometown and I haven’t been able to buy them nor light them since I was a kid,” he said. “Finally having moved out to a different city where they are allowed, I just had to get some photos!”

“They were essentially spur-of-the-moment photographs,” he tells us. “These images came out of some nostalgic memories of Halloween from when I was a kid and Diwali [Festival of Lights] also, for that matter.”

In the future, Grewal hopes to move into developing portraiture and he even has as a short film in the works. He’s inspired by multiple photographers such as Nigel Perry, Annie Leibovitz, and Richard Avedon as well as the Flickr community in general.

Gurbir Grewal’s Flickr

January 19, 2017

Adorable Animals Frolic in Snow as Oregon Zoo Is Closed Due to Weather

We may be only about a month into winter, but Portland, Oregon has already seen enough snowfall to satisfy the entire season. During what has been described as a miserable few weeks laced with storms, snow days, and sub-zero temperatures, many of the City of Roses’ residents have opted to keep warm by staying indoors or bundling up before braving the cold. Though the winter blues are normal, not all Oregonians are sick of the snow.

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January 18, 2017

Betty White Turns 95 and Celebrates Her 75 Amazing Years of Acting

Actor Betty White has seen it all—her extraordinary 75-year comedic career spans radio, television, and movies. Since 1939, she has delighted viewers on television and continues to act at the age of 95—proving that you’re never too old to do what you love. White’s early life was during the height of the Great Depression, but despite the intense economic struggles, her family made it through.

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