Looking for a X-Mas Gift That’ll Have People Chuckling?: Check out Glennz Tees

Evolution It's great when you read about a graphic designer who's able to turn his art creations into something people can enjoy ever day. As a hobby, Glenn Jones, a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand, decided to submit some of his designs to Threadless a few years ago and as they took off he then went one step further and decided to start his own t-shirt line. His designs set him apart from thousands of others because they make you pause and think about his message or they stir a hard and fast emotion in you. Whether he's referencing old movies like Ghost Busters or making you think twice about where that sushi comes from, you can't help but chuckle at these simple but funny t-shirts. You can check out some of his work on Threadless or buy directly from him on his own site. And here are some of my favorites:

Organized Food Fight

Risky Engineering

Haunted Housework

Endangered Species

Before Stardom

Secret Habit Also, check out his blog for a little more behind-the-scenes information on his designs. Related: I Can't Help But Love These Hoodies!: By HeadHood high*fidelitees tees Aled Lewis – Illustrator & Funny T-Shirt Designer T-shirt Deli Special Occasion T-shirts You Know You All Can't Help But Laugh: McCain/Palin T-Shirt Threadless T-shirts

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