Sponsored Post: Three Stylish Eyewear Designs by Lookmatic

This post is sponsored by Lookmatic. Grow your eyewear collection, change up your look and see things more clearly for less than $100 at www.LOOKMATIC.com.

If you’re a design-conscious individual who believes in sensible prices, check out Lookmatic, a relatively new online shop that sells modern and retro eyewear. Started in 2010, this Los Angeles-based company has quickly risen to become an online favorite because they offer a wide range of styles at low prices, like $65 for sunglasses and $95 for prescription eyewear.

For a personal review, Lookmatic asked us to pick out three of our favorites. We scoured their website, looked through all of their choices (fell in love with all their retro names like Woody, Parker and Walt) and finally settled on the Kingsford, gold aviator-inspired sunglasses, the Bel Air, citrus eyeglasses that have an artsy-vibe, and the Morgan, an all-black classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer-esque sunglasses. Then, we asked My Modern Met member Annie Lee to model all three pairs for us so that you could get a sense of how each looked on a real person.

The stylish Kingsford, being unisex, was the pair we could definitely see Annie’s husband nonchalantly picking up and casually using for himself. Even though the sunglasses were light, the frame felt sturdy. They’d be the pair you could wear with virtually everything – dressed up or down, they were the classic sunglasses you’d end up taking everywhere.

The Bel Air was also unisex, though we chose these as glasses instead of sunglasses. (Bonus: On the Lookmatic website you have the option of tinting the glasses for free.) In an orange sherbert-type color, they were quirky but in a professional sort of way, meaning they didn’t distract from Annie’s face. We could see these being versatile for both weekdays at the office as well as on weekends at a museum.

Finally, the Morgan was another pair of classic sunglasses, but one that had an almost Audrey Hepburn sort of vibe. These sunglasses are as chic today as they will be fifty years from now. They are simply timeless.

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience on Lookmatic’s website. With free shipping and free returns, they make it easy to pick up a pair, or several. For the same amount of money you’d spend on one designer pair of glasses, you could pick up five or more at Lookmatic. Love the idea of changing up one’s personal style with accessories that don’t break the bank. Smart, sensible and stylish. What’s not to love?



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