Louis Vuitton’s New Muse? Who Else Can Strike a Pose Like There’s Nothing to It?

She may have split up with Guy but don't ever think Madonna still doesn't have it. When Marc Jacobs, creative director to Louis Vuitton, was racking his brain thinking about the new face of Louis who did he think but old Madge herself? Got to give it to the 80s pop icon for constantly reinventing herself and giving the girl everyone loves to hate then love then hate, Ms. Britney Spears, someone to look up to. This ad campaign was shot by non other than Steven Miesel who's again collaborating with the material girl and Marc Jacobs. If you're getting that French vibe from these pictures you're absolutely right, they were going for that Parisian French bistro look. Clever how they used those dark brown and tan colors, trademarks of the Louis brand.

You still got it, Material Girl! Source: WWD Media Related: Sticky Sweet Fashion (Looks from Madonna's New Tour) Madonna in the Winter; Madonna in the Spring

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