Love What You Do – Frank Chimero (7 Slides)

Do you love what you do? Do you wake up in the morning, spring out of bed and get excited about your plans for the day? If the answer is no, take a look at Frank Chimero’s simple lesson plan. He created it for a lecture given last week at Portland State Universy’s design department. Titled, Love What You Do, Frank gives us clear and simple instructions on how to do just that.

Frank Chimero is a designer and illustrator who’s work is like a breath of fresh air. We wrote about him back in April, which you can see here.

“I decided to take my whole lecture and edit the hell out of it. To rip out anything that wasn't 100% necessary. I limited myself to seven slides, and I think these do a heck of a job summarizing what I'm trying to say.”

Simple sayings, deep meaning. I dig that.

Frank Chimero

While we’re on this topic, I thought this quote was quite appropriate.
“Go. Don't stop. Keep pushing, thrusting, struggling, fighting. Rise in the morning and leave your bed as if gravity pulls you. Recognize your goals and march towards them relentlessly. Annihilate the obstacles in your path. Worship your friends and rejoice in their every embrace. Laugh. Appreciate efficiency without forgetting the inherent sloppiness of being human. Do difficult things so that you might better appreciate the mundane. Empathize with strangers. Avoid silly affectations. Ignore advice from cowards. Understand that comfort is akin to surrender.”

January 20, 2017

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January 20, 2017

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