Spectacular Shots of Surfers Underwater by Lucia Griggi

Half-English, half-Italian action photographer Lucia Griggi does more than simply stand in the sidelines to snap shots of surfers as they ride waves and perform their stunts and tricks. The dedicated photographer gets right into the action with the athletes to capture the moment they duck and dive into massive waves. Griggi tells us, “I love to be in or around water and surf. The feeling of being under a wave is such a beautiful feeling.”

The photographer, who had always felt at home in the water as a surfer (and even a surf instructor at one point), first discovered her love for photography with a simple point-and-shoot while vacationing in exotic locales like Morocco, China, Australia, and New Zealand. From there, her passion developed into documenting the surfer’s lifestyle and the adrenaline-rushing excitement that goes along with it. Griggi is now able to combine her love for the sport and the water.

Getting into the water herself and to capture the underwater action, Griggi explains, “It is really quite simple once you know how and are comfortable in the water and with the seas movements. It takes time and experience. It is about being connected with the waves and moving alongside the surfer under the water. Feeling its energy and initiating the movements of the surfer. When a wave is about to break it is important to gain a good position in order to get a nice perspective for the photo. Sometimes you must swim down deep in order not to get inside the spinning action of the wave and get washed into a dangerous position if the waves are big. It is such a fantastic place to be and you get to see great ocean life.”

Lucia Griggi website
via [Telegraph]

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