Luminous curated by Brian Eno at Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney kicked off today and one of the key events is the Luminous Music Festival. It is curated by one of my favorite artists, musician Brian Eno. He also created the installation shown above 77 Million Paintings – using about 300 of his drawings projected onto the sails of the opera house. It is shown each night from 6 p.m. to midnight. Eno envisioned a mesmerizing sight for the public to pause and enjoy. “I think what I am most interested with this work is to create a situation where you can experience some kind of surrender,” Eno said. “Where you stop being you and stop thinking about you and your particular life and existence and the laundry you didn't pick up and the coffee you wanted to get and, for a little while, surrender to something.” The Luminous Music Festival, as part of the greater Vivid Sydney festival, continues through June 14.

In the video below Eno talks about his plan for the music.

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