Red Head Artist’s Clever Self-Portraits Playfully Distort Reality

These playful portraits by photographer Malin Bergman are creative optical illusions that will have viewers all mixed up. The Stockholm-based artist plays with perception by using her hair and clothing as props to create distorted scenes where back is front and front is back.

The project began as an experiment with Bergman’s camera and a self-timer. She wanted to create a portrait that was more interesting than a simple smile at the camera, so she pulled her hair over her face and thus the series was born. The alternative approach to self-portraiture beautifully documents the young red head in a number of inventive poses.

“I get very inspired by the surrealism in my pictures, but I try to make that influence just slightly noticeable. I hope that my photos affect the viewer in a way that makes him/her stop and view the picture one more time and let their own fantasies decide what the photo really shows,” explains Bergman.

Malin Bergman on Instagram
via [Republicx]

January 18, 2017

Animal-Friendly Vegan Tattoos Celebrate Nature with Delicately Inked Illustrations

Body art professionals, like Anna Sica, are turning to animal-free inks to create beautiful vegan tattoos. If you’re vegan, you know that when it comes to animal-friendliness, not all commodities are created equally. While assuring the absence of animal products in things like food, cosmetics, and clothing is standard practice for seasoned vegans, many are unaware that body art requires research, too. To make pigments pop, many tattoo inks include bone char, gelatin, and shellac, each of which is derived from various animals.

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January 17, 2017

Zebra Shark Living in Isolation for 4 Years Gives Birth Without a Male Partner

It started like a typical love story. Two zebra sharks, living happily together for 12 years and producing 24 pups. Then, circumstance ripped them apart, leaving the female in her own, isolated tank. But here’s where the story takes a twist. After living alone since 2012, Leonie the female zebra shark give birth to three pups in early 2016. Just how was this possible?

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