Man Builds $5,200 Hobbit House

Last week, we saw a lodge in Chile that looked like a hobbit hotel and this week we bring you a woodland home with a similar aesthetic. Though this domain doesn’t gush gallons of water, it is an alternative living space for a natural homestead. Photographer Simon Dale is responsible for the design and construction of this eco-home, despite his inexperience in architecture and carpentry.

The 32-year-old photographer was tired of mortgage payments and had a passion for nature. Equipped with a chainsaw, hammer, and 1-inch chisel, the determined family man began construction on a plot of land in the woods, which the family luckily gained ownership of in return for their care of the area. With the help of his father-in-law, who just happened to be a builder, Dale set forth to build his ecological dream home on a budget.

The home, which was constructed for a grand total of 3,000 (approximately $5,200) features plenty of sustainable materials. It uses scrap wood for flooring and bales of straw on dry-stone walling for the interior walls. Other unique attributes to the house include lime plaster instead of cement for the walls and a compost toilet. The emerging architect even diverted water from a nearby spring and incorporated solar panels to provide power. Within four months, Dale built an unhindered habitat for his family in Wales that takes pride in a low-impact lifestyle. It may not boast the technology of Apple’s headquarters, but it is a natural haven for a young eco-friendly family. Dale is currently working on constructing his first home in the Lammas Village, Wales' first eco-development.

Simon Dale’s website
via [Daily Mail]

January 24, 2017

Creative Dad Turns Son’s Drawings Into Awesome Anime Characters

French animator and anime artist Thomas Romain has recently started collaborating with two unlikely artists: his young sons. Much like their father, the boys love to draw and design characters. To show them the capability of their creativity, Romain often turns their doodles into professional-level concept art. Romain began his unique anime drawings series last month, when he and one of his sons designed and rendered a star-studded alien.

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January 24, 2017

New Intricately Detailed Tiny Animal Embroideries Made With Meticulous Stitching

Embroidery artist Chloe Giordano crafts stunningly sewn hoop art at an impossibly small scale. After first marveling at her embroidered animals last year, she’s back with even more meticulously stitched woodland creatures. Some of them are no larger than a thimble. Using subtle color changes and countless passes of the satin stitch, Giordano mimics the look of fur on hopping rabbits, sleepy squirrels, and scurrying mice.

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