Epic Video Game Illustrations

Hong Kong-based Man-Tsun is back with some awesome new illustrations. You may remember Man-Tsun as the one who created those eye-catching double illustrations on transparencies. This time, for a group exhibition in Hong Kong, he takes us back to our childhood with these nostalgic video game illustrations titled The Gamer.

As standalone pieces, they're amazing enough but put them together and you've created a seriously cool set. As he tells us, “This series is all about my favorite classic video game characters. When the two image are placed side by side, it looks like they are battling against each other.” The idea behind it is that he's not only pitting player 1 against player 2, he's created an epic battle between the stars of the video game world.

What I love most about these works, beside the fact that they're highly detailed and have a sense of fluidity, is that they invite you to take a walk down memory lane. If you so wish, spend a few moments trying to remember all those classic video games you once knew and loved.

Man-Tsun's website

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