"Manga Ormolu" by Brendan Lee Satish Tang

Brendan Lee Satish Tang has created a series of ceramic art which is bi-polar in influence. Vases in Ming-Dynasty style have been fused with partial mecha objects seen in futuristic Japanese anime and manga. (Mecha are robotic vehicles controlled by a human pilot.) Successfully combining fine antiques with a bit of pop-culture he has made a hybrid series titled “Manga Ormulu”. (In the 18th century the French would lushly gild oriental ceramics. The English called it Ormolu.)In every aspect of our lives we are subject to change at a relentless pace. These creations express his thoughts about rapid globalization.Fight against it or embrace it…But I suppose there's only one thing that remains constant and that's change.His next exhibition will be held at The Power Plant Gallery in Toronto, Canada from Dec 10 2009 til Feb 21 2010.

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