Old Car’s Beautiful Rooftop Garden

Artist Manuel Felisi is interested in the concept of the dimension of time. He creates artwork that tells stories about people, places, and objects that exist or that have become collective, living memories. His installations involve a sensory experience of a space and time, while his photographs of that same installation allow the art to live on, in new form, for long periods of time.

In this installation, Giardinetta, Felisi uses opposing elements to make a comment about the resiliency of life and existence. According to one review of the project, "Giardinetta is the story of the invincible force of life, which gets the upper hand even in a hulk of the industrial age, that in Felisi’s hands becomes a little terraforming experiment."

The outdated, non-functioning car is the home for the blossoming of new life. The abandoned car has floral textures imprinted on the surface, and the roof acts as a hanging plant rack. Inside the car, and underneath the garden of flowers, rain falls within the compartment and fosters a damp, moist world for bacteria and organisms to grow.

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via [Devid Sketchbook]

December 4, 2016

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