A Panoramic Exploration of a Magical Underwater World

The great depths of the ocean aren’t accessible to everyone, but the mysterious beauty of this underwater world can still be seen thanks to the work of many brave photographers. One of these adventurous people is landscape photographer Marcio Cabral who created the project entitled Anhumas Abyss.

Located in Brazil, Anhumas Abyss is an underwater cave that is accessible by rappelling down roughly 235 feet through a large gap in the rocks. Upon arrival to the base of the cave, Cabral proceeded to dive underwater to capture the enchanting world that lives below the surface, inspired by the streaming spotlight of light that occurs just a few days each year when the sun aligns perfectly with the small opening at the top of the cave.

Cabral is the first Brazilian to produce underwater spherical panoramas, which is how he is able to document the wide range of space within just one shot. Underwater photography requires such passion and courage. Not only must the artists have the skills required to bring home beautiful imagery, but they have to do so while taking on a great physical adventure. Just amazing!

Marcio Cabral’s website
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January 18, 2017

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