Hilarious Cardboard Knife Crime Scenes

Imagine walking out of your apartment and heading down the stairs, only to come across a person stabbed with a giant cardboard knife lying directly in your path. Shock, confusion, and then comedy would ensue! German-based artist Maria Lujn, along with Wolfgang Krug, can claim responsibility for this hilarious project. The two artists collaborated to create The Knife, a giant detailed sculpture created out of cardboard shapes taped together and red paper that forms the unsettling fake pool of blood.

The street installation project involves staging comical public crime scenes, where Lujn or Krug lay in conspicuous spots around the streets of Berlin, assume the position of a recently stabbed victim, and observe what happens as pedestrians stare in utter confusion. The best part about the project is that Lujan describes the project as "Just for the fun of it." What an unusual yet entertaining way to spend the day: running around town and fake stabbing each other!

Maria Lujan's website
Wolfgang Krug's website
via [Laughing Squid]

January 22, 2017

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