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Sweetly Sleeping Newborns

Update: Per the photographer's request, the images have been removed from this post.

Not since coming across the work of Tracy Raver back in March of 2009, have I found newborn photography as sweet and adorable as this. 36-year-old ex-mortgage broker Maria Murray captures newborns, mostly under two weeks old, in the moments right after they fall asleep. Called the “baby whisperer” by more than a few parents, she found her calling after she got professional photos of her own baby taken and was disappointed by the results.

As she told Daily Mail, “I left the City so I could have time to see my child and it was actually when I had some very bad photographs of her as a baby done on the High Street that I decided I'd give it a go myself. I haven't looked back since and after taking my own pictures of Isabelle I was then asked to do photos by mums at my local playgroup and it went on from there. I photograph newborns, and actually older children to teenagers, but it's my work with newborns and under 5's that has become well known.”

She's since gone on to become one of Britain's best baby portrait photographers and she even won the UK Portrait Photography of the Year award in 2006. With an extremely busy schedule (she shoots more than 250 sessions a year), Murray is in high demand. Her stunning, naturally-lit photographs are different because she can often capture babies when they're smiling, for one reason or another. As she said, “I have learned now when a baby will smile, of course it's not a smile, it's really wind, but I know when it will happen.”

If you haven't seen this sweet video of 7 adorable ways to get a baby to sleep, make sure to watch it. Parent or not, you'll love it.

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