Tiny Figurines Explore Inside Electronic Machines

Ghosts in the Machine is a cinematic series featuring miniature figurines inside an electronic mechanism by photographer Mark Crummett. Each image in the collection is set up like a brilliant sci-fi thriller. Often with an empty, black backdrop, the viewer’s focus is drawn to the tiny subjects and the complex, multi-textured inner workings of a machine that surrounds them.

The cast of characters in Crummett’s series function as civilians, hard laborers, and a role the photographer calls “engineer-priest.” There are countless duties for them to swiftly complete, which happens to include ridding the environment of vermin in the form of bunnies (presumably an interpretive representation of dust bunnies).

Crummett explains: “The ‘ghosts’ in these machines are just folks, dwarfed by the technology that pervades their lives. Engaged in enigmatic activities in an out-of-scale, high tech landscape, workers toil on industrial-scale electronic components or move through an out-sized industrial/technical environment.”

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January 22, 2017

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January 21, 2017

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