Hypnotic Visual Renderings of Animal Sounds

White-Beaked Dolphin

Aquasonic Acoustics is a project by 51-year-old creative computer engineer Mark Fischer that takes the sound waves from animals and transforms them into a brilliant array of colors and patterns. Essentially, the series of produced mandalas configure what Fischer refers to as “the shape of sound.” He adds, “It's a kind of photography to me, with mathematics as the lens and the computer as the camera.”

Each hypnotic creation explores a visual sense of something that is meant to be an auditory experience. Fischer captures the pulsating rhythms of crickets chirping, birds squawking, and dolphins singing with high quality audio recording equipment and adds color to the renderings with imaging software. The results are a vibrant display of geometric and floral patterns, like looking through a kaleidoscope.

Though he is partial to the complex wavelets created by whales and dolphins, ultimately, there is no animal–avian, aquatic, or land dwelling–that Fischer hasn’t shown an interest in. In fact, he’s contemplating expanding his series to include man-made ships, which contribute a great amount of noise pollution in the world.

Blue Whale

Cerchio Humpback

Northern Cardinal

Humpback Whale

Minke Whale

False Killer Whale

Spectacled Owl


Risso’s Dolphin

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

White-Beaked Dolphin

Minke Whale


Aguasonic Acoustics website
via [Ian Brooks, Daily Mail]

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