Hundreds of Threads Create Rainbows

We all interact with the world and our surroundings in unique ways. Irish installation artist Mark Garry is interested in this process of how humans navigate the world. In many of his installations, he uses pins and beads to attach hundreds of tiny threads to the walls and floors of a space, creating very delicate installations that flow with the space and geometry of a room. As one interacts with an installation, the artificial and natural light changes and the at times luminous threads take on a rainbow of tones and colors.

The sense of wonder that comes from seeing a rainbow streaking the sky is brought to life within a small and quiet room. Garry creates a contemplative space where it is possible that each viewer experiences something original, depending on the visual interactions with the threads. He has created a number of site-specific installations, including "Being Here," "This Is About You," and "How Soon Is Now."

Mark Garry on Facebook
Mark Garry at Kerlin Gallery
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January 22, 2017

Dynamic Sculptures Capture Powerful Combination of Emotion and Movement

The dynamic work of sculptor Gaylord Ho is instantly recognizable. Emotion oozes from the figures, as they throw their energy into dancerly poses. His female figures twist and twirl, animated and vital. Born in Taiwan, the 66-year-old artist has a fascinating personal history. Growing up as the son of low income farmers, Ho was expected to balance his studies while helping on the rice farm.

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