Mark Ryden: The Gay '90s: Olde Tyme Art Show

Mark Ryden's new exhibition "The Gay '90s: Olde Tyme Art Show" opened on April 29, 2010 at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York. "The central theme of The Gay 90s: Old Tyme Art Show references the idealism of the 1890s while addressing the role of kitsch and nostalgia in our current culture. "In the modern era, sentimentality and beauty have been disdained in the art world," he explains. "This new work is explores the line between attraction and repulsion to kitsch, and between beauty and banality."

Once again, meat is featured in Ryden's new works. In a recent interview with New York Times Style Magazine, Ryden explains the meat factor – "There seems to be a complete disconnect between meat as food and the living, breathing creature it comes from. I suppose it is this contradiction that brings me to return to meat in my art. It surprises many people to learn that I am actually not a vegetarian. I don't think it is morally wrong to eat meat. What I do personally is to try to remain aware of what I am eating and where it came from. I am not trying to preach a moral stance on anything in my art, but I find that juxtaposition of imagery can create a kind of distance and then an ensuing heightening of awareness."

The Gay '90s show runs through June 5. More at Daily Art Fixx.

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