Mind-Blowing High Speed Liquid Splash Photography

German photographer Markus Reugel began photographing when his son was born, and his talents quickly developed into a passion. Specifically, he is drawn to high speed liquid photography because of the unpredictable nature of the process. Drop by drop, Reugel experiments with all kinds of liquids, lighting, and color to capture these magnificent, abstract creations.

Rather than seeking out something specific, Reugel just sets up his shots and enjoys the wild formations and beautiful, yet unexpected, results. Because he has mastered the skills required for high speed photography, he is able to turn his attention to variations in his liquid formations. Reugel has categories of color sculptures, jellyfish shapes, soap films, crown shapes, and even double pillars in which two single splashes form one drop. His variations in backgrounds, a wide range of color palettes, and his use of both translucent and opaque liquids create distinct visual experiences that are as exciting and unpredictable as his high-speed photographic process.

If you like his work, you will enjoy Reugel’s Falling Earth refraction that we featured as a photo of the day earlier this year. Additionally, if you like these kinds of high-speed projects, you may enjoy Martin Klimas’ shattered objects, Fabian Oefner’s Dancing Colors, and Jack Long’s Vessels and Blooms.

Markus Reugel’s website
Markus Reugel on Flickr
via [Colossal]

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