Thousands of Colorful Clothespins Form Swirling Patterns

Tender is a series of projects that use everyday objects in creative forms. Artist Martin Huberman of Normal studio, a design and architecture office in Argentina, developed this design, which is filled with large quantities of repetitive and colorful clothespins. He painted the tips of the pins and then placed them in large, organized rows along a tight mesh, revealing patterns of color that hang overhead.

Each piece is site-specific and changes depending on the location. Huberman has installed Tender against walls, hanging down from ceilings, and even descending along staircases. The artist doesn’t shape the pieces, but rather, he lets the weight of the clothespins fall into natural forms. The flowing shapes give the rigid wooden devices a soft presence, illustrating the meaning behind the title, Tender.

In an interview, Huberman explained the piece: “Tender is an installation born from a research based on the concept of ‘ready made’ or ‘found art.’ The idea was to identify an ordinary piece, such as the clothespin, and by repeating it in a studied composition to generate a new surface, changing the logical image of the original piece.”

Watch a high-speed video of the artist and his team constructing one of the many intriguing installations, below.

Normal Studio website
via [Junk Culture], [Yatzer]

December 5, 2016

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