Sensually-Lit Fallen Angels

Moscow-based photographer Mary Kuzmenkova, aka Mastowka, captures stunning shots of women saturated in a red tinted light. Her series of photographs feature gorgeous women contemplatively looking off-camera or sensually piercing through the lens with their eyes. Each successive image is more captivating than the next. The cherry glow that is diffused throughout Kuzmenkova’s photography adds to the seductive appeal of the visuals.

In addition to the obviously attractive women in these shots, the presence of varied textures and consistencies are really engaging. Each accessory the women wear serves a purpose and adds value to the image. From the shimmering liquid lip gloss mimicking the luster of surrounding jewels to the soft and furry wall that blends right in with the model’s blonde hair, there is a conscious creative effort in each image.

I love the shots of the pensive model donning a furry dress against an identically fluffy wall. Initially, she looked like an angel with wings to me. Similarly, the model with the feathered headdress illuminated by streaks of red and yellow filtered light reflects an otherworldly presence. Perhaps they are all fallen angels…

Mary Kuzmenkova on 500px

January 18, 2017

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