Controversial Messages from Creationists to Evolutionists

Matt Stopera of BuzzFeed recently attended the debates between science educator Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Christian author Ken Ham about the controversial topic of evolutionism vs creationism. While there, he asked a number of self-described creationists from the event's audience to write messages or questions they have for people who believe in evolution.

The participants in Stopera's photos address the touchy subject, which often divides people about the inception of humankind, with their own firm beliefs and questions to consider. Many ask “non God believing people” to assess the validity of the Big Bang Theory. Within their messages, they also question the definition of a theory, asking why evolution is taught in schools but creationism is not.

Stopera's images provide an insightful look at the way creationists view evolution. He allows them to have their say, without adding any words of his own. However, the images alone have the power to incite fiery debate amongst viewers. The series, like the topic, is bound to have polarizing reactions on either side of the issue. While one person may look at these individuals with their signs and applaud their promotion of religion, there are just as many to rebuke their rejection of science.

via [BuzzFeed]

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