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Mysterious Ghosts Move About New York City

Starting September 13 and through November 17, Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta will exhibit City Stages, a ghostly series by photographer Matthew Pillsbury showing New York City and its inhabitants like we've never seen. Pillsbury's stark black and white photographs give the saying “the city that never sleeps” a whole new meaning as these long exposures, which were each taken over an hour or so, capture New Yorkers moving about their public spaces in hurried, and not so hurried, fashion.

As Pillsbury says, “I think of these as places that are awaiting the drama of the our lives to come and fill them. There's a dialogue that happens between the way we use these spaces and the spaces themselves.”

With an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, this talented photographer has works that have been collected at the Guggenheim, the Whitney Museum and the Tate Modern.

Matthew Pillsbury's website

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