Maxim Zhestkov Motion Graphics

modul / from Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo.

Completely obsessed with the works of Russian artist Maxim Zhestkov. Visit his wesite!!! Growing up, he was an avid video gamer. His interest in graphic design and CGI has influenced him to making his art. Now he has already done amazing artwork for Sony Playstation, Nokia and MTV. I chose to post two of his personal projects.I must admit, I haven't figured out everything he tries to tell with his abstract art. It has the happy effect on me of wanting to see more of it and explore what I think. So I'm still in that process. I know that I like what I see and wanted to share this with you, hopefully you'll tell me your thoughts too. Whether good or bad, just blurt it out.Tip: Watch it on Big screen and allow it to load so you don't have to watch it doing visual hiccups.

005 / from Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo.

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