Crocheted Tail Towels Transform Beach-Goers into Mermaids as They Dry Off

One of the best things about summer is the water—whether it’s hanging by the pool or oceanside, splashing around in the water is the best way to beat the heat. For those who spend most of this season in a bathing suit, you might just wish you were a mermaid. Thanks to MJ of MJ’s Off the Hook Designs, now you can. The Canadian crocheter recently created a pattern for a mermaid tail towel that drapes over your legs, allowing you to pretend you’re the mythical creature of your dreams. This product, while absorbent, has a handy added feature: it easily folds into a backpack or arm bag for easy carrying.

MJ has made this pattern available for purchase through Ravelry. She suggests using a yarn called Bernat Maker Home Dec that “ feels just like jersey cotton” and is stretchy, soft, and washes well. When swimming season is over, she says it will double nicely as a blanket for cozying up on the couch.

MJ's Off The Hook Designs: Website | Instagram | Ravelry
via [Laughing Squid]

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