Chef Effortlessly Decorates Cookies with Intricate Embroidery-Inspired Designs

Many amazing food creations look too good to eat, and Chef Judit Czinkn Por's cakes and cookies are no exception! Working under the name Mzesmanna, her cake-decorating shop produces awe-inspiring designs on everyday confections. Por's skill is evident with all of her baked goods, which include elaborate illustrations of people and animals. However, it's the intricate, embroidery-inspired floral patterns that truly fascinate us.

To produce such delicate compositions, Por uses multiple icing-piping tools. Handling the individual colors like a set of fine-tipped pens, she effortlessly draws beautiful blooms and frilly lace onto the surfaces of the sweets. Everything is done completely freehand and without the aid of a tracing or sketch. In one of Por's popular videos (below), there's a mesmerizing rhythm to her flawless handiwork that you have to see to believe.

Mzesmanna: Facebook | Instagram
via [Colossal]

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