Miniature iPhone People (4 scenes)

The miniature people are back, and this time they’re seen lounging around their newest hangout — the iPhone!

From playing golf to laying out at the pool, Austin-based app designer JD Hancock uses an iPhone screen as part of the backdrop for this clever series.

“I”ve always been fascinated by models and other ‘small scale’ things,” says Hancock. “I have two running series – Little Dudes and Stormtroopers – that reflect this interest. I am a recovering pack rat, and as I uncover interesting bits from my past I often document them. I’m also a sucker for a good hero story.”

JD Hancock’s flickr photostream

January 16, 2017

20 Nature-Inspired Embroidery to Melt Away the Winter Blues

As the holly jolly holidays have long past and we find ourselves in the middle of January, it’s natural to long for an escape from the dreary conditions winter brings—freezing temperatures, barren trees, and gloomy skies. While it may feel like March is a million months away, art is always a savior you can turn to for emotion refuge. In this case, you can spring forward with a cheerful collection of nature-inspired embroidery to melt away the winter blues.

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January 15, 2017

Literature-Loving Writers Can Now Work in Mark Twain’s Library

To seek intellectual inspiration, budding writers often turn to the works of the world’s most celebrated authors. While flipping through their most beloved books is a good start, the Mark Twain House & Museum has a better idea: why not share their workspace? Recently, the museum has announced plans to open Mark Twain’s library to the public, inviting literature-loving writers to quite literally follow in Twain’s footsteps.

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