Mesmerizing Hand-Illustrated GIFs by Miranda Pfeiffer

Los Angeles-based artist and animator Miranda Pfeiffer creates hand-drawn animated GIFs that are absolutely mesmerizing. Inspired by things she sees in daily life, the artist uses mechanical pencils and tracing paper to meticulously illustrate each frame, afterwards sequencing them in Photoshop to create seamless animations that loop endlessly.

Pfeiffer turns mundane, everyday objects into strange, surreal scenes of complex movement and beauty. In her hypnotizing GIFs, a sock transforms into a tree branch, a plant blooms and withers in a swift demonstration of the life cycle, wood grain dances beneath a motionless insect, and zippers unzip to reveal whole new surfaces. Pfeiffer is a master at rendering textures, shapes, and movements realistically, all the while infusing them with her own creative touch.

In an interview with Giphy, Pfeiffer says she is attracted to the GIF format because of “immediacy and accessibility.” She continues, “I'm interested in quiet art with a big presence. Unlike movies which require long periods of physical immobility and blast you with sound, the gif is something you can scroll by, almost not even noticing it. A gif demands only as much attention as you have to give it. Because they are brief and only have a visual component, when a gif is powerful, it's done with economy and intelligence.”

Miranda Pfeiffer WebsiteMiranda Pfeiffer on TumblrMiranda Pfeiffer Gifs on Tumblrvia [Artchipel]

December 2, 2016

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December 1, 2016

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