Charming Animal Illustrations Paired with Clever Phrases

London-based artist Mister Peebles creates adorable drawings where animals, sometimes wearing human clothing, exude playful personalities. He begins with a pencil drawing and then fills in the form with colorful watercolor pencils and ink until the final creature has emerged on the page.

He uses a neutral color palette to develop all kinds of animals from squirrels and pelicans to a giant brown bear. The charming series is a combination of an exceptional illustration set alongside some clever wordplay. A toucan bird offers “A toucan of my affection” while a squirrel says “I’m nuts about you.”

Mister Peebles prints the designs on greeting cards and posters so that the designs can be shared. He has quite a cheerful approach to his art, stating that he “hopes to make you smile and cheer your day a little. The average person chuckles less than 20 times a day, Mister Peebles hopes to up this average a wee bit.”

Bearly See You

Owl Capone

Badge. Err, What a trendy fella.

Peng Win. You win! First prize.

Feeling a Bit Ruff

Mister Peebles’ website
via [So Super Awesome]

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