Modern Architecture – Ski Slope Luxury Hotel (7 pics)

Designed by Michael Jantzen, the North Slope Ski Hotel gives the term “ski resort” a whole new meaning. The main feature of this eco-friendly luxury hotel is the 400 foot built-in ski slope, which is powered by the wind and sun. Eight large wind turbines are mounted on the top of the hotel, and a large array of flexible photovoltaic solar cells cover the lower portion of the structure.

Aside from the awesome ski slope, the 95-room luxury hotel features an eco-spa and gym with electricity-generating exercise equipment. There are also a number of shopping and dining options, including a bar at the top of the slope. Jantzen hopes that the design will "once again demonstrate how even the most luxurious places on earth can, and should be, built in an earth friendly way."

Michael Jantzen's website
via inhabitat

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