Modern Architecture – The New "Headquarter of China Insurance Group"

International architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au has received first prize in the competition to design the new "Headquarter of China Insurance Group" in Shenzhen, China. The building will be part of a lively business quarter which is surrounded by a carefully composed ensemble of unique, individual towers that create a landmark silhouette in Shenzhen's Central District. The high-rise structure will stand at approximately 656 feet (200m) with 49 stories. It will be distributed vertically in different sections so that a clear separation of public and private functions exists. All public functions will occur in the base building, while office spaces will be situated within the tower. Semi-public functions like meeting rooms, conference and recreation centers, and gardens will be concentrated in the middle of the building. This zone is intended to be an area for all employees to exchange knowledge and creativity. The "Headquarter of China Insurance Group" is not only recognizable for its significant form, but also for its faade. The design of the faade promotes natural energy generation. The second skin of the faade is shaped for climate conditions and inner functions. This skin includes photovoltaic cells that generate electricity, reduce excessive wind pressure, shade the sun, and create multi-media displays. By using renewable energy sources (wind and solar power) and natural ventilation, the building delivers an energy efficient design while reducing energy consumption and decreasing its reliance on fossil fuel energy sources. Schweeet!!!

courtesy of world architecture news

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