Modern Design: Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers (8 pics)

Modern design is often beautiful in a minimalistic way. This set of Ceramic Speakers by San Francisco–based designer Joey Roth is a perfect example of this…

Built from handmade porcelain, cork, and Baltic birch, the speakers are entirely plastic-free. Even the volume control knob on the stainless steel amplifier is made from paulownia wood, which gives it an earthy feel. The Ceramic Speakers are compact, sporting custom-built 4-inch drivers. Including the birch stands, the speakers are 6x7x8 inches.

After reading a few reviews, the general consensus is that the speakers deliver high quality sound, but very little bass. Although the Ceramic Speakers have an incredibly clean aesthetic, it's hard to justify the hefty $495 price tag…

Joey Roth
via [ignant]

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