Modern Getaway: Sagaponac House (8 pics)

Designed by TsAO & McKown Architects, this incredible 4,500 square foot home provides a spacious, multi-level, modern living space that is anchored into the landscape. Located in Long Island, New York, the Sagaponac House was designed without a client in mind, which typically brings out the more creative side in architects and designers. This allowed the design team, led by Richard Meier, to innovate without restrictions, and resulted in an inspiring and beautiful modern home that was built to be less intrusive on the surrounding forest. The architects reshaped the topography, establishing the first level slightly below grade. In addition to anchoring the house, this also allowed the visible volume to be reduced, and enabled the creation of indoor/outdoor spaces that are secluded, yet very open to their surroundings.

TsAO & McKOWN Photo credit: Michael Moran via [house variety], [chictip]

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