Modern House Shoots Out Over the Ocean (8 pics)

It's hard to imagine living in a house as breathtaking as this. The Holman House sits on the edge of a 230-foot (70-meter) cliff and shoots out over the ocean. Designed by Sydney-based Durbach Block Architects, this incredible home was inspired by one of Picasso's paintings, “The Bathers.” Located in Dover Heights, an eastern suburb of Sydney, the Holman House arcs, folds, and stretches along its rocky cliff. The living and dining areas cantilever out over the ocean, allowing for dramatic views up and down the coast. The lower floor forms a base that is built from rough stone walls like an extension of the cliff below. These walls continue along the cliff's edge to form a series of eccentric terraced gardens and a vase shaped rock pool. This helps the house seamlessly blend in with its natural surroundings.

Durbach Block Architects via [yatzer], [world architecture news]

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