Modern Love Moments (5 pics)

Now here's a cute photo shoot of a lovely couple who decided to let their fun personalities shine through. It was shot by Galaxie Andrews, a photographer based in Arizona.

Galaxie explaining her creative process. “Working with a couple who puts their trust in me and just goes with the flow makes for the ideal creative shoot. Nicole and Jon are amazing people. they put their guards down and let me in to document their playfulness, goofiness and their mad love for each other. I'm so happy with the mix of substance and lightheartedness radiating in these images. I generally stay away from the typical "pretty" pictures because those are not what i'm about or what i dream of. I value the fleeting moments, the imperfections, the spontaneity and honesty in documentation. Not conforming to the standard stuff and still creating beautiful work feels good and it encourages me to continue to follow my own voice and stay true to what i love.”

Galaxie Andrews website

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