1st stop: Little Branch – 20 7th Ave. South & Leroy St.

Little Branch is an underground speakeasy nestled beneath a mysterious corner entrance. Always opt for the 'bartender's choice': simply name your favorite ingredients, and they'll concoct a potent surprise for you! My drink was a curious mix of egg yolk, cream, port, and bourbon. Extremely strong, yet rich and delicious. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed with intimate booth-style seating and live jazz from Sundays to Thursdays. This is my favorite "secret little spot" to grab a cocktail!

not a bartender, but a mixologist

entrance– yes, it's shady

2nd stop: Le Royale – 21 7th Ave. South (across from Little Branch)

My friend works the door so every time I go, I skip the lines and get free drinks (yay!). He told me to come to their Monday night dance parties, which are always packed for some reason. My initial thought: who the hell parties on Monday nights? Apparently these hipsters, DJs, models, drug addicts, and entertainment/nightlife industry people do. They played eclectic remixes of classic rock– not really the kind I can groove to (unless I'm realllllly really drunk). But the crowd is extremely open-minded and friendly… I mean, how often do random people come up to you and offer coke??? (which I politely refused, btw.)

Le Royale interior

3rd stop: Butter – 415 Lafayette St.

I went here for restaurant week last season, but didn't know it was also the famous nightclub! it's $500 min. for a table, so that says a lot about the crowd. Their music is great– funky mixes of pop and hip-hop. Butter has a ‘models & bottles' scene… a lot of hot people. Will definitely come here again!

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