Crowds Flock to Japan to View Orchid Species Resembling a Monkey’s Friendly Face

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, February 8th, 2016 will mark the start of the Year of the Monkey and one Japanese aquarium's celebrating in a floral fashion. The Aquamarine Fukushima recently opened up an exhibit featuring the rare Dracula simia flower–which is also known as a Monkey Orchid. Within its vibrant petals, visitors can observe features that strikingly mirror those that can be found on a primate's face. Certain Monkey Orchids even display a furry appearance, a brown coloration, and a tail-like structure, making the resemblance even more uncanny!

Monkey Orchids most commonly grow in parts of Ecuador and Colombia, which adds an extra element of uniqueness to the Japan-based exhibit. Up until January 12th, the Aquamarine Fukushima will continue to delight visitors with these apish flowers as they pay homage to the upcoming Year of the Monkey.

Above photo via CCTVNews

Photo via CCTVNews

Photo via Steve Beckendorf

Photo via JaromirAzarov

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Photo via Columbus GV Team

Photo via Eric Hunt

Photo via Columbus GV Team

Photo via Quimbaya

Aquamarine Fukushima: Website
via [CCTVNews]

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